CSINext March 2018 Anniversaries

Each of the following members joined CSI in March. CSINext is please to congratulate the following CSI members on their continued membership.

  • 1 Year - Hal Waldo, CSI-S
  • 2 Year - Vandna Mittal, CSI-EP
  • 4 Years - Brian Stephens, CSI-EP, CCCA
  • 5 Years - Mark Hagopian, CSI
  • 6 Years - Randall Watterson, CSI, CDT
  • 18 Years - Daniel Hargreaves, FCSI, CDT, AIA, RAS

We would like to do a shout out to Mark Hagopian, CSI for celebrating 5 years with CSI! 

Once again, really appreciate everyone's continued membership in CSI.

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CSINext March 2018 Meeting


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