Hold the Door, please…

We all have either said it or heard it. “Hold the Door, Please.” I work in one of the few mid-rise buildings in Tucson. It is just short of high-rise depending on the definition. I’ve always played by the rules of up to 3 stories is low-rise, up to 12 stories is mid-rise, up to 40 stories is high-rise and finally anything over 40 stories is a skyscraper. The point isn’t to start a debate about what defines a multi-story building. This is just how I wrap my mind around it. Back to being in a mid-rise, my office building is 9 stories and I’m on the 6th floor.

The view is amazing, at least I think so. I have turned my web cam around to share the view during CSINext board meetings. It is one of those things worth sharing. Speaking of sharing, this got me to thinking about etiquette. There are three basic rules which create the foundation for etiquette. Respect, Consideration and Honesty. Put these together and you create the principal for almost any type of etiquette.

A few years back, ok it has probably been 15 years. The Wichita Falls Chapter of CSI hosted the South Central Region conference. They had a wine tasting and etiquette lesson. By the way, it is a LOT of fun to try and do etiquette after the 4th wine. My mom had the challenge of raising 3 boys, and she wanted to make sure we would be able to go out in public and behave. My 2 older brothers are very respectful, but the military has scrubbed out some of the tact and consideration. But that is something for another time. 

I started this talking about “Hold the Door” and working in a mid-rise building. With 9 stories and about 12,000sf per floor, with 2 floors being a call center. Well you get the point, that is a lot of people in the building. The one thing I’ve noticed is the ‘cultural’ shift. I have not been able to tie it to any age, but just people in general. Part of this is reflected in the ‘me’ society that we all seem to live in. If I get to the door of a building first, even if I’m a half dozen paces ahead. I will open the door, stand to the side and wait for the other person to go through. Then I will go through the door. Getting through the door first has not accomplished anything. And maybe, JUST MAYBE, that simple gesture will make someone’s day a little bright.

But I personally take this this ‘door’ thing to the elevator too. 9 times out of 10, I will see someone walk onto the elevator, just as I entered the building lobby. Most of the time, the door has closed, and I have to wait for another cab to arrive at the first floor. I’m going to give my fellow human the benefit of the doubt and not think of it as being rude or inconsiderate. Perhaps they just did not see me walk in in the lobby. However, if they did see, they would know that the extra 5 seconds of holding the elevator door goes a long way. If you haven’t guessed, that is what I try to do. There just isn’t much in life that causes me to hurry and shave off every second. Or even worse, isolate myself from other people.

Speaking of isolation, and this is little bit of my extravert in play, is I talk on the elevator. And even if my mind is racing, and I’m working out something, I try to put it aside for one minute. However, if I was too preoccupied, when I step off the elevator I try to say to the others “Have a good Day” or morning… well, most of time I think I say “Have a Good One” that leaves it open and they can use it however they want.

My closing thoughts are if we all take a moment to build our etiquette foundation, Respect, Consideration and Honesty. This will be a better place to live, tear down the walls that separate us and create a little empathy. But more importantly, when some ask you to pass the salt, be sure to pass both the salt & pepper. Yes, it is another etiquette rule and you should keep the salt & pepper married.

…and now for something completely different
Blueberries will not ripen until they are picked.


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Monday, 05 December 2022