Hello everyone, hope this month’s Presidents Message reaches each of you in good spirits!  Spring is right around the corner and for those of us here in the Midwest….it cannot get here fast enough!  This winter was a rough one.  But hey…it is March…and time for March Madness.  Speaking of madness let me give you an update of the crazy goings on here at CSINext!

February was a busy month for CSINext:

We had two awesome presentations in February.  First was Warren Barber of National Gypsum on “The Advantages of Using Cover Boards in Low Slope Roofing Applications.”  Warren did a fantastic presentation and had a lot of great questions from the audience. Up second, was Mike Prefling with Ryan Companies.  Mike presented on “4D Scheduling” and how as part of a BIM system it can be a powerful tool for clients, A/E’s and contractors alike.

Daniel Hargreaves, Chapter Treasurer and “tech guru” has been very hard at work on the CSINext website.  Daniel reworked a lot of features of the website to make it more user friendly and updated its’ features and overall look. Not to mention his pretty much daily blog “The Artichokes” life.  Excellent work Daniel!

Our membership continues to grow folks!  Every month since the start of the 2017 /2018 CSI year, we have added new members.  And with that comes new member profiles on the website, new member interactions and introductions, and a stronger Chapter.  So thank you to everyone who spreads the word about CSINext we would not be here without you!

So…where does that leave us for March?  More of the same!  I know we already have a great presentation coming up on March 14th for the Chapter meeting.  Mike Murphy with Behr Corporation will be presenting to us on “The Value of Paint”—virtually. Be sure to sign up today on the website!

And as always…as the month of March is known for…the NCAA Basketball Tournament begins in just a couple of weeks.  Definitely one of the most favorite times of the year.  This year especially as here in Cincinnati, Ohio, we have two local teams ranked in the AP Top 10.  And both schools just won their respective conference tournaments this past weekend.  So GO UC BEARCATS!  GO XAVIER MUSKETEERS!  And to all you…may your alma maters do well!

Let the madness begin…


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Wednesday, 04 October 2023