(PMI) - Construction Extension to the PMBOK - 4th Edition Now Available

Hello everyone,

Around this time last year I wrote a blog about my involvement as one of the SME content editors for the Project Management Institute's (PMI) upcoming release of the 4th Edition of the Construction Extension to the PMBOK.

Well I am glad to announce that I found out yesterday it is now available for advance ordering through PMI's website!

It took a little longer than anticipated to complete and publish but after reading through the material 2-3 times as part of the content editing process I can tell you first hand it is a quality piece of work and addresses the uniqueness of construction projects presents to the general project management continuum from Initiation through Closing. 

Here at CSI we are really fortunate that we have such great tools (PDPG and CCAPG) to help provide the baseline acceptable practices and delivery methods for construction projects. But outside of "our" world I have found the that PMBOK and PMI's practices are generally what other industries and corporations use as the bases for the project delivery. We may have a construction project, but that construction project may be only one tiny deliverable in a company's larger project or program that is being executed under a similar but different methodology.

What this extension does is bridge that gap between the two. In general, I think we all delivery projects via the same way it just differs in a little in terminology, knowledge areas, and work processes and the more we understand how people tend to view project and construction management outside of our industry standards and practices the better we will be able to communicate and delivery a quality product.

We all know to well that construction projects are waaaaayyyyyyy different than most standard projects and this extension really helps dig into those differences and provides construction specific guidance for the project management team.

I can see a very useful and powerful combination when these tools are used together.

I encourage you to check it out!





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