What’s for Lunch?

After several heavy and deep-thinking blogs, I needed to do something light. I realized, the other day driving back from a client meeting “Hey this is Tuesday, and I forgot to do a blog”. Still recovering from the lost month of the computers plus travel and before I knew it, Wednesday came to a close. However, just a couple of days ago I headed out of the office for a client meeting. I went to the meeting with a couple of my co-workers and on the way back we realized it was close to lunch. I noted that I saw this little café and we should go there. I’m the first to admit, I enjoy food. 

If you have ever gone out with others and trying to decide ‘what’s for lunch?’ it can be a bit of a challenge. I’ve come to the conclusion that when everyone is deciding, it’s not so much they don’t know what they want, but it is that they don’t want to be shot down for choosing. I think it has to do with the nature of not being wrong. But having a preference is never about right or wrong. I know there are some philosophical discussion that go deeper and even a preference can be right or wrong, but I’m only talking about lunch.

I started off; I enjoy food. So, it is not very often I say, that choice for food just does not sound good. Typically, the only time I feel that way is if I had the same thing the day before. We started a family tradition a few years back to make this simple if we were going out to eat on the spur of the moment. We had a rotating system of who would pick, and whatever the choice we would just go there. No complaints, no fuss. The meal was really about just spending time together, and none of us was burden with being stuck in the kitchen cooking.

Going out to lunch with coworkers, is not about being stuck cooking. But for me, it is about a small break from work. A chance to discuss more than the latest stresses of a project and catchup on movies, sports and other leisure activities. We don’t really discuss politics, not because we have different political views, but why bring up a subject that will stress the group out.

Circling back to that little café. It is off the main interstate by about 2 miles, in a small town known as Arizona City. Name of the place is the Cotton House Café. For those on I-10 just south of the I-8 interchange, it is worth the diversion. The food was really good, pleasant service and the entablement was clean. They don’t have a web site, but I did find the Yelp page. https://www.yelp.com/biz/cotton-house-cafe-arizona-city With only 23 reviews, it is holding at 4.5 stars. I would definitely rate it at that.

…and now for something completely different.
It is considered good luck in Japan when a sumo wrestler makes your baby cry.


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Monday, 05 December 2022