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You may have noticed a new link at CSINext. The TAN Line is short for Trusted Advisor Network. What is the Trusted Advisor Network, ie the TAN Line? Simply put, it the virtual evolution of the Chapter meeting where you build your Network. We encourage you to share your knowledge, ask questions, participate in discussions and become an integral part of this little community. Together we can become better community leaders and provide our members with a much better experience.

Each Community of Discussion and as it grows, each Division will have Trusted Advisors, the Moderators. These Trusted Advisors, will become the back bone of CSINext. If a discussion, question or idea is mis posted, the Trusted Advisor, will move the post to best location. This will help all of us get the best answer we can get.

We don’t want TAN to be a data base where people are expected to simply respond when “dinged”. None of us have time to respond to people who are shopping for someone to do their job for them. We want TAN to be what it is for us, our roll-a-dex of colleagues that we call after we have hit a wall. A conversation with someone we respect that, when done, maybe both of us walk away knowing something new. This is a network that people can access for answers and ideas from targeted individuals that they can trust without turning it into a forum that adds to individuals’ workload. This needs to be a community and not a phone directory.

This first step for the TAN Line is to begin getting feed back on how it works. To get the word out that it exists. To begin filling in our Trusted Advisors. We are looking to fill out a committee made up of individuals from the owner, design, contractor, and product representative teams.

Finally, we are delighted you're joining us! We believe in teamwork and shared successes here, and excited to see your contributions!'

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Saturday, 13 July 2024