About CSINext

About CSINext

CSINext is a virtual chapter formed by members of the Construction Specifications Institute to fully embrace the CSI of the future. We are working diligently to convey the Mission of CSI through new media, and to enable CSI members to communicate using the most technologically advanced media available.

CSI is the construction industry leader in the development of clear, concise, correct, and complete communications, regardless of the medium. For the past 60 years, CSI has worked to develop the means and methods of organizing information and documentation so that construction professionals, regardless of their line of work, can quickly, thoroughly, and effectively communicate complex issues.

Progressing to a virtual environment, where all of these lessons can be applied instantly to a worldwide audience, is simply the next logical evolution for an assembly of construction communication professionals.

CSINext is designed to stimulate the development of new ideas, the use of new methods of communication and to foster community and discussion to further hone our members’ skills as leaders in construction industry communication.

CSINext will accomplish its mission through regular web-based meetings at which any construction professional, whether a CSI member or not, is welcome. Programs will vary depending on the desires of the membership, but are expected to focus on the application of CSI principles to issues and trends in the built environment.

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