Happy New Year 2019

I’ve come to the conclusion that this may not be a new year but a used one. I poke fun at it, because I know without a doubt that this is a new year and there is a lot of exciting things on the horizon. I will have so much to share as time marches on, but first I want to take a quick peak at the last year. If you have been following my blog, you know I get caught in some pretty rough travel cycles. December was no different, I finally made it home on the 21st.

My ‘fix-it’ skills are little on the ADD side of life. I had started a half dozen little projects around the house and decided to use the break to get them done. After 10 days and 3 get togethers with family, I’m ready for work tomorrow. But first I wanted to look back at the year and then the week.

Growing up, Mom was my best friend, we had a very special mother/son relationship, yet even with her passing at the end of 2017 it turned into a small blessing for 2018. I have spent every weekend with my Dad. Helped him get a new place of his own and fix it up. I can only hope I’m half as alert and active when I’m 81. We spent a weekend doing the wood floor in my family room. 

As for travel and being away, I traveled over 10,000 miles. Between driving and flying, it has been quite the year. I saw a lot of places, almost all of them were work related. I’ve traveled to Sacaton, AZ; Gilbert, AZ; Chandler, AZ, Hemet, CA, Gallup, NM; Winslow, AZ; Keams Canyon, AZ; Show Low & Pine Top, AZ; Portland, OR; Warm Springs, OR Sacramento, CA; Columbus & Chillicothe OH; and Long Beach, CA. I think I only spent about 50% of my time in Tucson. With each return home, I would have to reintroduce myself to my family. But that is one cool thing about dogs, they remember you no matter what and are excited to see you.

During my time home, I started a lot of projects. Yes, I know, I still owe everyone part 2 of the DIY bench. But back to what was done while home. Most of these were little weekend projects.

  • Wood Flooring in the Family Room
  • 2nd Ceiling Fan in Family Room (it gets hot in Tucson)
  • Downstairs Base Boards
  • Upstairs Studio Remodel
  • Work Bench
  • Patio Bench

But the real list is what has been left undone over the past couple of years. Good news is I finished all of these during my time home.

  • Tile to Wood Transition at Family Room
  • Downstairs Base Boards
  • Plant large palm tree in front yard
  • USB Outlets in various rooms
  • Raise the dog gates for easy cleaning
  • West Wall Window screens
  • Plus more miscellaneous stuff... you get the point

But even with all of these chores. The best time of all was with family. Everyone’s schedule was crazy this year. Christmas eve was with Dad, youngest daughter and her boyfriend. Christmas day with both daughters and son-in-law. And then on Sunday we had a repeat of Christmas eve, but it was the last warm day and a great excuse to smoke up 2 rack of ribs. I also got to spend time with my puppy dogs just watching a couple of movies. The absolute best time was with my wife. Now it is time to march into 2019, but never to forget those who we loved and to remember those who passed on. Happy New Year!

…and now for something completely different.
A hippo’s wide open mouth is big enough to fit a 4-foot-tall child in.


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