CSINext & Windows 10

The latest upgrade to our backend software for CSINext broke the site in combination with the latest Windows 10 upgrade. I spent the past 3 days digging through the code and settings trying to resolve it. Hopefully no one noticed. The good news is I found the problem and during that time, I fixed some other web interface short comings.

The good news is we are up and running and things should be so much better. Hopefully these little tweaks, will be beneficial to your use of the site. I’ve also added a quick login button to the top bar, so if you are logged out, no need to scroll.

I’ve also fixed some issues with the mobile sites, it should work better on a smart phone of tablet device. Lastly, on the horizon. We are looking at some nice improvements to the social experience. Our backend software will have a dozen improvements, to enhance the user experience. As always, if you are looking for something on the website, please reach out and we are here to help.


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Friday, 23 February 2024