Year One

Just around the corner marks the one-year anniversary of The Artichoke’s Life. Besides one year, I did 37 (well, now 38) blogs. I started off with an ambitious goal. I wanted to do this blog twice a week. In the beginning, I was doing that. Then summer hit, and boy did it hit me, like a bug on the windshield of a car. OK, I probably just went too far with the visual. But that is how it felt at the time. So, I realized that I need to step back and keep it to once a week.

Tuesday’s have become my Blog day. I draft out some ideas over the weekend. I have a couple in the hopper waiting to be fleshed out. Sometimes I wake up on Tuesday and start typing away. Those are the ones that have more typos, when I rush them and don’t proof them. It is weird about typing, the words in my head just don’t always seem to make it to my fingers. If I was bored, I would probably go back and fix some of the past blogs. But they are like children, and I have learned to accept them as is with their flaws.

I woke up this morning thinking about submittals. I then had a couple of ideas for the blog. But I started to second guess myself. Did I already write a blog on submittals? I went back through the blogs and started to organize them. After I added the date and title info to the word documents, I had not written a blog on submittals. But in my usual ADD way, I ended up realizing that the one-year mark was close.

Looking back at the past year, this has been fun. I hope that you have had as much fun reading these as I have writing them. Some of the past topics have been, Sketching, The Dream Project, Friday, I’m a Big Kid Now, the Road to CONSTRUCT and one of my personal favorites The Network Family. The good news, I did not blog about submittals. So, I need to create another place holder before I forget. Yes, it happens all the time. I will think of a good idea for a blog while driving or doing other stuff around the house and forget about by the time the weekend rolls around.

In retrospect, it has been a good year. I’m excited for the next year. One more thing to make a note for the next year. CSINext will be celebrating it’s 10th year this fall. Not sure how we will handle the virtual party, but hopefully there will be some sort of celebration. Until next time, cheers!

…and now for something completely different.
A crocodile can’t poke its tongue out.


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Friday, 23 February 2024