Roster Review

Each month I review the roster provided by Institute. I'm looking for the new members and each member's anniversary date for the month. This month, January 2018 stood out. We had a new member who joined CSI in 1979. Next year will be Mr Terrence Lunn, PE, FCSI, CCS 40th anniversary with CSI! This got me to dig a little deeper into the roster.

In Memory of Dick Eustis

It is with Sad news that another one of the CSI 'greats' is no longer with us. Richard A. Eustis, PE, FCSI, Lifetime Member, CCCA, CSC passed away on January 26, 2016. There are several post on Facebook that I wanted to repost here and add my own tribute to him.

Web Update

We're Back! The website is going through some growing pains. We have changed out the back-end software. The main reason was to increase security. But we need to have fun to, there are some very exciting new features...