Plan the Work and Work the Plan

Well, hello again everyone, hope everyone is well.  My apologies for length between columns, hopefully I can make up for the lost time here this month. 

The main purpose of a punch list is to identify project items that need to be completed or corrected right?  But we should also use those items in future applications, so we do not repeat the failures of the past.  In this industry we barely have enough time and money to do it the first time – it is imperative to do it right the first time.  And one of the things as industry professionals we can do right the first time is the project schedule. 

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The "Why" of CSI

Last week in Nashville, CSI folks gathered for the first time in over a year to network, learn, and celebrate the achievements of our peers at the 2021 CSI National Conference.  And while it wasn’t like conferences in the past, it was still a great time, and for those CSINext members that were unable to attend you were greatly missed! 

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Welcome to "The Punch List"

Hello everyone and welcome to “The Punch List” … finally!  I could toss in the usual excuses for not getting this column started long ago….you know like being overloaded at work, being consumed in completing graduate school, “honey-do lists”, labor shortages, and a global pandemic…all of which are true….but truth be told…I just hadn’t gotten around to it. Sounds like a job site excuse right?  Well with this first entry that is all about to change.

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